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Samples of Essay Format - What Is It?

Samples of Essay Format - What Is It? What you should do is to go over the topic. There are a few sorts of essay papers that have thoughts and purposes. When you compose an essay, bear in mind there are rules, guidelines and things you need to take care of during your essay writing. The lengthy essay is not simple to write since there are lots of things you will need to look at. You may use the exact standard format to compose your essay, regardless of the topic or whether you've got to provide your opinion or describe the benefits and disadvantages. You've got a guide and get ideas about what to do with your essay. Also, you can look for sample expository essay topics so you will be aware of what to research and that which you will deal with. The topics for argumentative essays are frequently very self-explanatory they're common understanding. A Secret Weapon for Samples of Essay Format Essay writing is a typical and extremely important thing in your academic life. Writers don't stick to a specific side. Writing essays is part of everybody's life and it's vital for the people to understand about how to compose an effective essay. Writing an essay for a student at an American University is something that's treated with terrific importance by a complete bunch of people which were also told to compose essays as students. Term papers constitute an extremely huge portion of the semester grade. It is not hard to write GMAT essay in case you have a guide and you've completed a good researched. If you understand what you will create GMAT essay, be sure you search the net and read more books. An essay, or a paper, has a huge set of rules that you have to follow if they'd love to have a fantastic grade. The Birth of Samples of Essay Format When you've done that, if you're prepared to go more in-depth, here's a step-by-step look at the way to format your organization proposal. The samples will provide you with ideas on the way you answer the questions offered to you. There's no greater approach to do so than to write. There are a couple of ideas you can utilize to make the procedure go well. Naturally, you may use lengthy essay samples, but you've got to understand main ru If you read the official guidelines about extended essay, it is important to take note of it since it'll completely help you. Examine the essay for plagiarism An outstanding essay is an exceptional essay, therefore a check for plagiarism is an incredibly important stage. Each of these kinds of paper is owned by the category of informative essay. Your extended essay introduction must be catchy. Essays aren't supposed to be easy for everyone. An essay is a fairly brief bit of writing on a specific topic. It will fit in the right amount of Letter sized paper. Structuring your essay in a correct format is essential. The essay will test the student wisdom and ability in answering the questions and analyzing the situation. The essay cannot be written according to standard essay scheme on account of the reason that the thesis statements in addition to conclusions are blurry. It's important to get a way of organizing your long essay. You have to compose a reflective essay that is simple to comprehend and you can do it by employing simple language. Samples of Essay Format Features Whenever you do write a paper, remember to don't do it in a format that is hard to follow by the reader that doesn't care about doing it. Make sure you essay is connected to politics culture or education. Make sure it can be read easily for the readers to understand what you are speaking about . Most readers will appear at an abstract first to see whether the paper has information they need to read. The response paper format is quite important to create your response paper accurate and to satisfy academic writing demands. After you've started, you will also have something down on paper or on screen you can improve on. Before you even begin writing your literature paper you've got to find out the principal point which will be discussed throughout the job. Thus, you commit to writing a paper of mediocre quality because you believe's the best that you can do with the time you've got at hand.

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The Mission Station Of Spain - 1378 Words

The main theme of the story in the mission is about a group of Jesuits who established a mission station around the borderland of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil around 1750. Meanwhile, they converted the local Indians to Christianity. At the end, Cardinal Altamirano ordered Jesuits to leave the mission. Without the protection of the church, the local Indians were killed or slaved by Portuguese. The script of the movie was written from a real historic event in 1754-1756, the Guarani War, which Guarani communities defend their homeland against Spanish-Portuguese for almost three years. The fuse of the war was ignited by the Treaty of Madrid in 1750, which was signed by the king of Spain and Portugal to completely determine the border between Spain and Portugal in South America by the area around Uruguay river. Around that time, the Jesuit mission stations and the local Indians were growing rapidly both economically and regionally with their outstanding plantations, which was much bette r than those in Portugal’s own territory. As a consequence, the Portuguese wanted to take over control the land and slave the Indians. They forced the Catholic church to dissemble their mission station and did the massacre right after they leaved. The paradigm that director used was carefully selected. The story of the movie was told from a vision of Cardinal Altamirano, who was writing a letter to the pop for explaining what had happened. Within the story, the two main narratives were not onShow MoreRelatedMotives of Exploration of the New World Essay823 Words   |  4 Pagesdiscovered the New World. Thus; Spain, France and England began sending out conquistadors and explorers to the uncharted terrains of the new continent. Motives for the Spanish, French, and English explorers varied greatly, however, they were similar in some ways. The motives of the Spanish explorers were acquisition of mineral wealth, spread of Christianity, search of El Dorado, search of Northwestern P assage, and thrill of adventure. The treasures that Columbus brought back to Spain enticed many adventurousRead MoreAdvertising and Promotions for Starbucks Essay645 Words   |  3 Pageswill offer variety of caffeinated beverages to noncoffee drinkers. Acquiring consumers to buy the new product advertising and promotion strategy is crucial for the product success. By launching the soda bar in Canada the domestic market and Spain the international market Starbucks must identify the targeted audience and their buying habits. Starbucks customers consist of adults and young adults. These individuals are professionals, college graduates, college students, baby boomers, womenRead MoreEffective Use of Technology by Terrorists Essay1671 Words   |  7 Pagesthese online virtual realities is that they use them to plan their attacks and use it for the recruitment of fellow terrorist. They also use micro-blogging websites and services like twitter and such to be able to do surveillance and for operational missions. But then again many have the opinion that this is a weakness for the terrorist. When it comes to technology, it is a two-way street. Just as they can hack into us, we are able to hack right back into them. While they may use it to their advantagesRead MoreSettlement Of San Antonio And The Defense Of All This New Spain820 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"For through observation and exploration of those lands and coasts, both by land and sea, it must be recognized that these settlements must be the rampart, fortress, and the defense of all this New Spain.† (pg. 1). The author Jesus F. de la Teja tak es a objective look of settlement of San Antonio and its surroundings. His book covers over the course of a period of the 18th Century. His writings describe the life of the settlers, economics, living conditions, and their use of the land. He does a superiorRead MoreAmericans Strategy Against the Spanish1558 Words   |  6 Pagesof many warships utilized by the Union and had also stopped the production of new ships. Naval powers in Europe had far surpassed the United States Navy as new and advanced technologies were being put to use. The nation’s lack of overseas coaling stations kept the United States attached to the use of sail power. This was not efficient in order to protect American interests overseas. The image of the United States was projected through its lack of an effective Navy. The public was so engulfed withRead MoreWhat is Space Debris?1794 Words   |  7 Pagesemission of aluminum oxide (AL203) in micrometer- sized dust from the solid rocket motor firing. Th e second source comes from the droplets of reactor coolant liquid in the process of ejection of reactors from Buk reactors. The third source is from MIDAS missions from the 1960s – where thin copper wires from part of radio communication experiment were released to space. The fourth source can be attributed to erosion surface part of satellite due to extreme ultraviolet radiation activity. After a long timeRead MoreNegative Examples Of American Imperialism1324 Words   |  6 Pagesof the Spanish empire in this period and the rise of the United States as an industrial power tended to weaken Spain s hold on its few remaining colonies. One of them was a small island of Puerto Rico. As Puerto Rico increased its trade with the United States, U.S. began to explore ways to take over the island. General Nelson A. Miles led the invasion of Puerto Rico on July 25, 1898. Spain s surrender offer was already on its way to Washington, so there was virtually no fighting in Puerto Rico. URe ad MoreNotes on Colonialism and Imperialism1489 Words   |  6 Pagespetroleum * Colonies were potential markets for industrial products * Political motives * Strategic purpose: harbors and supply stations for industrial nations * Overseas expansion used to defuse internal tensions * Cultural justifications of imperialism * Christian missionaries sought converts in Africa and Asia * Civilizing mission or white mans burden was a justification for expansion * Tools of empire * Transportation technologies supported imperialism Read MoreU.s Expansionism : Manifest Destiny1363 Words   |  6 Pagesthis combined with the opening of Chinese ports will establish a steady course of traffic between Asia and America (The Age of Imperialism). Whilst making the lengthy journey from the United States to China, American traders needed to secure coaling stations where they will be able to stop and attain provisions and fuels. Furthermore, rumors of Japan possessing vast deposits of coal and its advantageous geographic location strengthened the appeal of starting an establishment of commercial and diplomaticRead MoreThe 7 Ten Empire : The Global Expansion Essay958 Words   |  4 Pagesfranchises they are the fastest growing convenient stores. Mission Vision The company’s mission is to simplify the delivery of customer service helping its recipients. Their vision is to perfect the serviceability within the franchise store. 7-Eleven has organized a culture of satisfaction. They work as a partnership which creates an atmosphere that everyone can feel comfortable working together with their employees and customers. Part of their mission weighs heavy on the servant leadership team. The team

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Discuss How Robert Louis Stevenson Explores the Topic of...

English Coursework The Gothic fiction novel â€Å"Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde†, written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886, is a novel about a man torn by the desire to separate the good and evil inside people. The plot beholds a scientist who finds a way to literally separate his good from his evil by drinking a potion. The plot picks up on the Victorian hypocrisy that crippled people into being society’s idea of ‘good’ and the shallow nature of the Victorians and how they judged character by appearance. At this particular era classes still reigned, so this meant that reputation was still more important than anything, and if being ‘respectable’ meant suppressing inner desires or altering the person you were and having to live with that, then†¦show more content†¦Eventually due to the inaccuracy of his ‘unscientific balderdash’ (as spoken by Lanyon) something goes wrong and his changes from Jekyll to Hyde become more irrepressible, ‘My blood was changed into something exquisitely thin and icy. Yes I had gone to bed Henry Jekyll, I had awakened Edward Hyde.’ He lacks the power or strength to stop these changes. Hyde seems to perform the metamorphosis without warning or consent. I believe this to be significant to the fact that Hyde is becoming stronger and less willing to do as dictated, and because he, the inner demon, has been exercised at such a severe extent he had become a bigger part of Jekyll and so containing the inner beast becomes harder. Stevenson writes ‘the powers of Hyde seemed to grow with the sickliness of Jekyll.’ I do not think he wrote this meaning a literal sickness but was instead talking about the mental deterioration of Jekyll. The distinction of the unplanned and unwelcome changes between Jekyll and Hyde is symbolic to the fact that as the lines forming the distinction of the personality of Hyde and Jekyll began to merge thus so did the transition. The huge importance of the different physicality of Jekyll and Hyde is illustrative to the completely different characters and the way they are as humans. In Victorian society you could be judged as a rapist, murderer, crook or just plainly evil simply by the way you looked. Stevenson played on

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Taking a Look at Adult Stress - 1295 Words

Until recently, stress was considered mainly associated with adulthood. The impact of stress on other parts of the lifespan is now being acknowledged. In this project, it is my mission to explore stress in depth. I will research general information about stress and attempt to reveal sources of stress, and it varies at different stages in life. To finish, I will examine some techniques for informally assessing stress and treatment options. STRESS IN GENERAL What is stress? Stress is a normal, physical reaction to events that cause one to feel threatened or uneasy in some way. Some people are resilient, and can bounce back from obstacles faced in life, while others do not cope as well. In reaction to a stressor, such as sense of danger, our body’s natural defenses kick into high gear in a quick reflex method known as the â€Å"fight-or-flight† response. When this happens, the nervous system releases a flood of hormones called cortisol and adrenaline, shifting the body into gear and enabling us to meet the challenge of the particular stressor. In this incredible process, our body is protecting us by supporting us to stay focused and alert. In emergencies, stress can actually save our life by giving us extra power to defend ourselves. Stress can keep us on our toes and ready to meet challenges. Beyond a certain point, however, stress has the ability to damage our health, relationships, and quality of life. What is â€Å"eustress†? Endocrinologist Hans SelyeShow MoreRelatedMost Stressed Out Generation : Young Adults852 Words   |  4 PagesStressed Out Generation: Young Adults Stress is a common health issue for the body and mind, but managed if not avoid This article describes the stress among young adults and how these stressors have developed a generation with more health, mental, psychological disorders than any other generation (Time. 2015). Based on what the cause of stress is and in what ways the stress is formed. This article also discusses how the definition of stress and the level of stress has changed over generations (TimeRead MoreThe Process Of Adolescence Is A Period Of Different Changes1308 Words   |  6 Pagesmaturation along with the want for independence. This time can be a liberating part of life but can also cause children to feel disconsolate with themselves. Because of so many different changes happening in a child’s life during the period of adolescence, stress and depression are common factors that child may feel for the first time in their lives. Adolescence refers to the period of transition from puberty to adulthood which usually occurs from ages 10 to 19 (World Health Organization, 2017, p. 1)Read MoreThe Death Of A Girl1236 Words   |  5 Pagescommitting suicide. Not everyone knows that today is the day, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. She is stressed about the homework she might not have done and her mind is in so many different places. The first bell rings so she takes her seat and looks at the board. A worksheet was due and she hadn’t completed it. Swiftly walking around the room, the teacher comes to collect the worksheet, but she hadn’t completed it. The girl doesn’t pass her worksheet forward and tries to explain to the teacherRead MoreBanning Childrens Beauty Pageants661 Words   |  3 PagesFor years, we were told from when we were little to when we grow up as an adult, to â€Å"never judge a book by its cover.† But apparently dressing children’s up in immode rate dresses and overly excessive makeup, while throwing them on a stage to perform or â€Å"show their talents† like monkeys for the world to judge, are still considered as the same value? Even now, there is a show called Toddler’s and Tiara, showing the backstage and the daily lives of children who thrown into the world of pageants, allRead MoreManaging Time as an Adult Learner933 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿ Managing time as an adult learner Daniel L. Beard COLL100 B155 Sum 13 American Military University Prof. Allen Olsen Managing time as an adult learner Some people say â€Å"there aren’t enough hours in the day†. The people who usually say that kind of statement need help with time management. Successfully managing time and energy is a skill that an adult learner must find and master. To stretch those hours in the day it takes planning, being flexible and balancingRead MoreEssay On 12 Ways Spoonies Cope With Chronic Illness979 Words   |  4 Pages12 Ways Spoonies Cope With the Stress of Chronic Illness As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, Instagram has become an absolute treasure trove of practical information for people living with chronic illness. Here are 12 ways spoonies just like you cope with the stress of living with an invisible illness while having fun at the same time! Being Stubborn When living with a chronic illness, stubbornness can be both your best and your worst asset. On the one hand, you’re incredibly determined to notRead MoreThis Paper Will Cover Erikson’S Eight Stages Of Psychosocial1308 Words   |  6 Pagesto be. Stage six is Intimacy vs. Isolation –18 to 40yrs- At this stage young adults look for someone to hang out with and someone to love or they become reclusive fearing rejection. Stage seven is Generativity vs. Stagnation – 40 to 65 – At this stage middle age adults start families, getting jobs, or they get stuck in a routine and just never change. Stage eight is Integrity vs. Despair- 65+ At this stage older adults review their lives thinking that their lives were good or upset they never didRead MoreHow Stress Affects Our Lives904 Words   |  4 Pagesthat in more recent years that young people today have so much more stress than in the past. We are always saying to ourselves, â€Å"I wish I could go back to elementary school† and this can start as early as middle school. It’s unbelievable how young â€Å"stress† starts to effect us on a daily basis. However if we took more time to learn about what stress can do for us we can let it effect us in a positive and beneficial manner. Stress is a state of mind, the subconscious mind which processes all our thoughtsRead MoreA Phenomenological Analysis Of The Experience Of Security And Contentment For Latency Children1502 Words   |  7 Pagesleading the youth to experience conflict due to divorce making them resent the situation they have no control over. Mental and emotional effects are also linked to divorce. Divorce is a strong topic as is mental and emotional health, so when taking a look at the two it’s no wonder why in America the topics are well discussed. As stated previously divorce effects everyone, the spouses and the children adding to the research provided that out of everyone who goes through divorce some develop issuesRead MoreP2: Describe Indicators That Abuse May Be Happening to Adults643 Words   |  3 PagesP2: Describe indicators that abuse may be happening to adults. Abuse may be revealed in a number of different ways. For example you may find that someone wants to tell you about it because they trust you. Also it might be from someone who has observed the abuse taking place, e.g. resident seeing a care worker shaking another resident because they were too slow getting dressed. The abuse is disclosed to the professional, sometimes with a request for confidentiality. Unexplained injuries A medical

Comparing The Declaration Of Independence, And U.s....

Comparison Paper In comparing Thomas Jefferson’s Letter to the Danbury Baptists, The Declaration of Independence, and U.S. Constitution, it is evident that the basis of all three documents is the idea that all human beings possess God-given fundamental rights and that government is created to protect those rights. The Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776, is the first of the three documents penned. This is important because it defined the rights of liberty and equality of all American citizens as outlined in John Locke’s natural law thesis (Martin, page 113). In addition to providing an itemized account of the grievances colonist’s held against King George III of England, it served to justify the colonist’s quest for independence and separation from British rule. The Declaration of Independence conveyed to the crown that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, which among these are life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Founders’ of the New World understood that their pursuit of liberties and autonomy specified in the Declaration of Independence could not come to fruition without instituting decrees. In 1787, the U.S. Constitution, was written to replace the Articles of Confederation with a better defined series of stringent laws that would legally uphold the freedoms and privileges established in the Declaration of Independence. The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights inShow MoreRelatedComparing The Declaration Of Independence877 Words   |  4 PagesComparison Paper In comparing the Thomas Jefferson’s Letter to the Danbury Baptists, The Declaration of Independence, and U.S. Constitution, it is evident that the basis of all three documents is the idea that all human beings possess God given fundamental rights and that government is created to protect those rights. The Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776, is the first of the three documents penned. This is of great importance because it defined the rights of libertyRead MoreThe Bill Of Rights And The Amendment Of The Constitution962 Words   |  4 PagesIn 1976, The Declaration of Independence was signed by Thomas Jefferson and included the Bill of rights that provided us with Freedom (Schweikart, 2004). The bill of rights was established so each citizen is equally treated and allowed to share their idea and not be disgraced for it (Bodenhamer, 1993). The first ten amendments to the constitution of the United States established basic American civil liberties ( Schweikart, 2004). The Bill of rights and the amendments of the constitution were writtenRead MoreThe Declaration Of Independence Of The United States Of America Essay1481 Words   |  6 Pagesequality up to this very day. The Declaration of Independence states that every citizen is granted the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Furthermore, it marks the groundbreaking turning point in American history where the United States gained its independence from the British Government. Since then, the Declaration of Independence argues on the people’s behalf for civil protection, and to a certain extent, negates government power. Embedded in the Declaration, it states â€Å"whenever any formRead MoreThe Declaration Of Independence And The United States Of America Essay1411 Words   |  6 Pagesglobalization and equality up to this very day. The Declaration of Independence states that every citizen is granted the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Furthermore, it marks the turning point in American history where the United States gained its independence from the British Government. The Declaration of Independence argues for the protection of people’s, and to a certain extent, negates government power. Embedded in the Declaration, it states â€Å"whenever any form of government becomesRead MoreHealth Care Of The United States1557 Words   |  7 Pages In accordance to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2012 there were about 47.9 million people in the United States that did not have health insurance. That is about 15.4% of the U.S. population. United States is one of the countries that do not have universal health care. Health care is administered by health practitioners in nursing, medicine, and other health professions. It is the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of illnesses, diseases and injuries in h uman beings. Physicians for a National HealthRead MoreMagna Vs. Bill Of Rights Essay1190 Words   |  5 PagesEngland, the U.S was not a country ruled by a king neither did barons write the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights were the amendments to the original U.S Constitution which was written by James Madison. So, it is hard to discuss one and not the other. The U.S. Constitution outlined the branches of the government as well as the rights of citizens, and laws by which every citizen including those in positions of power abided by. It was pulled from documents such as The Declaration of Independence and TheRead MoreEconomic Equality Between The Social Classes Of The Great United States Of America1658 Words   |  7 PagesDaniel Mallock on American Thinker believes that the social contract illustrates the obligations that citizens are dependent on some sort of agreement between them and the government or sovereign. In specific terms, the current U.S. social contract is continge nt on The Constitution. This all-abiding document describes the written and unwritten ways in which each citizen, albeit it, some more than others, lives their daily life. The rules, laws, rights, actions, and consequences are the foundation of dailyRead MoreDemocracy Vs American Democracy973 Words   |  4 Pagessuch as the doctrine of democracy and the freedom of expression. In a complete democratic society, everyone is born equal. People not only have power in democracy but also have a responsibility to the society. In addition, democracy relates with Constitutions and election. There are a lot of democracy societies except the United States. As a democratic country, the United States and Canada have similar political and rules, but still have differences. Thomas Paine, who was an English-born AmericanRead MoreEssay on America Needs Gun Education, Not Gun Control Laws1735 Words   |  7 Pagesmore gun control legislation. This education should begin at the beginning, by defining the where gun rights came from and the need for these rights. The Constitution of the United States serves to define the rights and freedoms of the people and serves as the supreme law of the land. The most important freedom or right defined in the constitution is the right of American’s to keep and bear arms. This right was so important to the authors, that is was the second of the basic freedoms and privilegesRead MoreA Kantian Perspective On The International System1489 Words   |  6 Pagesanalysing the three main articles and their major concepts (respectively republics, non-aggression and universal hospitality) and comparing them with today’s world. First, the Kantian perspective on the international system, expressed in his work Perpetual Peace (Kant 1795), can be summarized in three main articles. The first one, stating that ‘the civil constitution of every state should be republican’ (Kant 1795, 13), shows that a Kantian world would be characterised by the predominance of a republican

Marketing Strategy and Management and Business Analysis

Question: Discuss about the Marketing Strategy and Management and Business Analysis. Answer: Introduction It is evident that any organization needs apt methods in all its operations so that it can speculate its survival and growth. For a sustainable business, any organization be it small or large needs to embrace strategies that will promote diversification and a competitive edge in a market that is dominated by market players that are concerned about excluding the weak companies from the market (Winston, W.and Weinstein 2016,p. 34).The use of the traditional methods say in marketing and computations instigates waste of resources and decreased sales. It is imperative for any organization to be sensitive about the way that it treats change and the pace at which it embraces it. Organizations thus must engage in informed decisions that will make the organization to command a larger market share as compared to the initial figures. The organization is facing some challenges that need to be addressed through strategic planning. The major problems that the organization is facing are the lack of customer oriented policies and the use of traditional methods in calculations and marketing of the products of the institution. The objective of the organization is to more efficient in its operations so that it is at par with the strategies that the other market players are embracing. The greatest challenge that the organization is facing is the technological advancements that are already in the market and yet the organization has not yet come up with policies that will make it run its operations free of redundancies, inaccuracies, and bureaucracies that are as a result of the use of the outdated methods in running the organization (Winston, W.and Weinstein 2016,p. 28). The paper will focus on the possible solutions to the problem facing the organization and the policies that will be coupled with the perceived changes. The business analysis criteria will be applied to the company so as to assess its situation now and the prospects that it can attain if it strategically comes up with the most feasible policies. Business case The organization has the problem of inefficiency in the operations ranging from uninformed customers, physical counting of stock and extra employees in the enterprise. The problem cycles around the delayed decision making that otherwise could have saved the situation. In the case of considering a SWOT analysis of the business, it is evident that in the aspect of opportunities there are several for the company. For instance, the company needs to adopt new technologies that will ensure that the products of the company are well marketed. To be specific, the company can engage in internet marketing that will ensure that a wide range of information about the product of the company reaches a large geographical area. Also, customers will always be informed say through the website of the company about any information that they wish to find about the company in the most timely and accurate way. The other opportunity that is feasible for the company is that it can engage in market development. The market development can be through identifying the changes in the customers tastes and values and then customizing the products towards the satisfaction of the identified needs. ICT adoption will be the U-turn for the organization. With the ICT the communication between the customers and the employees will be necessitated, and the management of information systems will also be computerized making data to be easily retrieved and accurate in all the events. Stakeholder Analysis The key players that are involved in the market are the employees, the competitors, the customers, the regulators and the managers. All the parties have their specific interests in the company, but it is up to them to blend their diverse interests so that all the aims of the stakeholders are integrated to form specific objectives that should be focused on all the interested parties. The stakeholders must be considered in the decision-making process of the business because of the information that they provide to the company making it always to make decisions that are well-informed. There are various knowledge sources that are provided by the stakeholders that include; documents that can be informed of journals or records from the previous analysis of the customer values and expectations. Moreover, the knowledge sources can be in the form of interviews and questionnaires that were conducted on the potential customers. Also, information can hail from the view of the management about the company which can be documented for one to be able to retrieve the information whenever it is required. The major source of information regarding the policies of the regulators is from data published in the national gazette that informs on the strategies that the government has put in place. The first stage involves investigation of the situation. At this point, the company will identify its objectives such as those of attaining high profits, retaining competent staff, creating efficiency and total customer experience. The company will also look how much resources it has to embrace new technologies in management information systems and relationship marketing (Baker 2015, p.43). The organization also considers the conflicts that may arise in the case that it may embrace sophisticated methods without the consent of the other stakeholders in the case of marketing or managing records. The problems that the company is facing should be solved in the light of the sole objectives of the company as a whole. For instance, the company must ensure that the strategies that it is taking into consideration will make the company more efficient and also make it more competitive in the market that is dominated by rivals that are already applying sophisticated methods in MIS and marketing. The next step is to verify the needs that are supposed to be met. In the case of the company, the company must take advantage of the prospects that will be enjoyed in the case that it embraces technology. The technology will come in handy with the creation of avenues where customers can bring forth their concerns and within a very short time, they can be assisted. Moreover, the evaluation stage majorly oversees the viability of embracing technology in the customer care services and in the keeping of records that are of great significance to the company (Winston and Weinstein 2016,p. 34). The feasibility of technology is verified so that the company can effectively utilize its limited resources. The last stage is to explain the strategies that must be in place so as to ensure that the organization solves the problem that it is facing. The strategies that should be in place are like the company training its staff on how to use the management information systems in stock taking. Also, the company can assess how many employees need to be recruited to facilitate the customer care services through the website of the company. Business Context Process In the business processes, the problem will be identified; in this case, the problem is the ineffectiveness of operations through the use of the traditional methods that have led to the wastage of resources. The next step would be to formulate the alternatives that are available that will help- in solving the problem. The alternatives in our case are for instance is to adopt a more sophisticated method of counting stock, carrying out strategic marketing policies, to maintain the current situation for some time till the company feels it is ready for change (Baker 2015,p. 33). After formulating the alternatives, it's time to select the best alternative which is the embracing of technology in all the departments of the company. The last stages would be to evaluate and implement the policies that will be done through the management is the collaboration with the major stakeholders. The review process will critically analyze the viability of the chose idea in terms of the available resources and the value of returns promised. Conclusion In any enterprise, there is a need for amendments to be done the methods of the company so that it is run in the best way. The decision to embrace change should be acknowledged with the majority of the shareholders of the enterprise. The strategies that will be adopted will determine if the company will be sustainable or not in both the short term and the long term. Bibliography Baker, M .J. (2015). Marketing Strategy and Management, Palgrave Macmillan. Winston, W.and Weinstein, A. ( 2016) Defining your market: Winning strategies for high tech industrial and service firms, Routledge.

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Censorship free essay sample

Censorship Have you ever been listening to the radio and heard a beep in some parts of the song youre listening to? You know, the annoying sound that interrupts the song? The sound is a familiar one among those of us that listen to the radio, in particular Rap/ hip-hop music stations. This noise is heard because its used to bleep out/censor the word that was previously there; the word was most likely bad or offensive. Censorship Is a growing concern for our society, whether Its because of the lack of censorship or too much.To understand censorship, Its important that you know exactly what it is. According to an article by Jonathan Alter, Lets Stop Crying Wolf on Censorship he believes that too many people are classifying something as censorship when in fact it isnt. If a record-company executive or an art gallery owner or a book publisher declines to disseminate something, thats not censorship, its Judgment (Alter 67) Alter wants to get a point across that you cant just cry Censorshi p every time something Is changed, which a lot of people are doing. He tries to connect editing an article and changing song lyrics, and identify them as essentially the same thing. If an editor wants to change the text of an article about ghetto life, thats editing. But if a rap producer wants to change sociopath lyrics, thats seen as censorship. (67) If you think about this, it makes sense. How would an editor wanting to change an article be classified any differently than a rap producer wanting to change lyrics?Why Is changing the lyrics seen as censorship, but changing the article seen as editing? Alter also makes a strong point that censorship is induced solely by the government, Real censorship is when the governmentthe overspentbans books in school libraries, prosecutes artists and writers for their work, seizes pornography, exercises prior restraint. (67) After reading all of this you might start to question yourself (just as I did), what exactly is censorship?The dictionary definition of censorship is defined as the following: the suppress ion of speech or other public communication which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, politically Incorrect or Inconvenient as determined by a government, media outlet or other controlling body. According to the definition of censorship, in all reality Alters arguments are invalid. Censorship doesnt only exist by means of the government; it can very well exist anywhere including in music and by producers. If a rap producer wants to change sociopath lyrics, its most likely because those lyrics are found harmful or objectionable.In that case, requiring the music artist to change those lyrics Is Indeed censorship. Every day In the rap music industry artists get their music tweaked around. An artist may be asked to change a certain word or words before his/her song is released, to provide an entire different version of the song (explicit/non-explicit), or the song could even be rejected altogether. When an artists song plays on the radio words that are deemed offensive are bleeped out. All of these things are censorship. An artist Is required to change appropriate or accepted.When an artists music is bleeped out on the radio, it often makes the song difficult to understand. It isnt fair to ask an artist to change the lyrics they originally had, nor does it make sense. If you take the word out that the artist originally had and put pickle in its place, it wouldnt make sense. Its changing the artists original meaning for the song. Now with that being said, things that arent en as wrong/offensive arent censored in songs, but where exactly should the line between wrong and offensive be drawn?Some things could be seen as offensive and taken the wrong way, when really the artist had an entirely different meaning. This can be read about in an article written by Connie Benches called The Good, The bad, and the Censored where she expresses the views of rappers and their feelings on being censored. One rapper who had his lyrics taken in the wrong context was Sir- Mix-A-Lot. Believe it or not, some people didnt like when I used the word mayonnaise. And I didnt use it in a bad context, insists the rapper. Im not talking about sperm when I say It anti good without the mayonnaise. Im saying, When somethings good to you, its not necessarily good for you. Its not the tapers whose minds are in the gutters. To equate mayonnaise with sperm, thats kind of sad. (Benches 42) Some artists feel that being forced to change their words is an obstruction of freedom of speech. Yes, there are FCC regulations that need to be followed but that doesnt make them moral. A lot of controversy exists in rap because of the things that are expressed in rap songs and even videos. But deep down rap isnt all about degrading women, shooting people, or doing drugs.Most and I stress most, rappers rap about their struggles and life growing up but not all of them. Some rappers didnt have a tough life, but most of the gangs rap raps about real struggles that they and their culture went through. Rap has a history, and to understand why rappers write about the things they do, you have to understand where it came from. [rap] expresses views and opinions; it has its own language, fashion, the way we walk -? that bop, that swagger. Its a subculture thats evolved in he inner city and has become global. Said Mecca A. K. A.Grimm (a Haitian rapper) (Peter Kate) People that dont listen to rap have every right to choose not to listen to it, but dont bash on it because its not what you like listening to. Dont make rappers suppress their feelings and creativity because you dont want to hear it, Just dont listen to it. While some people see rap as being harmful it can be Just the opposite for some of the listeners; they listen to rap to help inspire them and stray them away from their ghetto lives. Rapper, David Banner, is very entrepreneurship. Hip-hop mogul Simmons proposal to ban offensive words is stupid, Banner says. There was a time in history when we didnt have a choice about being called a Niger. Now that were making money off it, its a problem. (Kate) Though it may be seen primarily as a form of entertainment, rap has the powerful potential to address social, economic, and political issues and act as a unifying voice for its audience. (Becky Blanchard) Rap faces a lot of scrutiny and struggles to people that are outside of the hip hop community. Record companies are mainly worried about raps selling. If they have to Orca the artist to change their words so that a song will sell, then thats what they do.They dont care about the rappers roots or the message the rapper wants to get across. Is rap music violent? Well sure. But thats what the rap culture is about, it has views? They shouldnt. Rap should not also be blamed for the violence in America. Violence is violence, it goes on everywhere. Not Just because a rap song is talking about it. Further, these rappers claim that it is not only African-Americans who are gangsters, but rather that American history, also, has been characterized by conquest, rebellion, and bloodshed.Rapper Ice Cube points to the hypocrisy of politicians, who use bombing campaigns to kill on a worldwide level, to blame gangsters for violence in American culture: We do things on a small level, but America does it on a big level. It anti Just us. White people do everything we do. (Blanchard) Censorship of rap music can be beneficial in many ways. It will protect children from hearing harmful things; it prevents public disrespect of people/things, shields the morals of society, and even restricts vulgarity. But how does censorship harm us and the ones being censored?It compromises the freedom f speech and it restricts an artists creativity and feelings. Censorship compromises a songs ability to be entertaining, and it restrains views. It only projects one side of a view because the other is being censored. Furthermore, if you censor something then it is normally obvious that it was censored. If youre listening to a song on the radio and you hear a bleep then you know there is an offensive word there. You might be able to guess what the word/sentence was, or you will become curious and go look it up. Even if these words are offensive, what remains to be understood is how is it rutting anyone by letting these words be said without censorship. (Christopher Schneider) If you support censorship because you are worried about children hearing such vulgar things then maybe you should have bigger concerns. Why are they listening to something that you find to be so inappropriate in the first place? You should keep your children from listening to things you dont think they should be hearing. You can only do so much to keep them from hearing offensive things. They are going to hear it eventually one way or another, even if music is censored.Its reality. If you dont want to hear something that you think is wrong, then dont listen. Turn the radio off or listen to a different station. If you dont want your child listening to inappropriate things, then dont expose them to it. We as adults can filter what we want and do not want to listen to. If you like a censored version of a song but dont like the uncensored, then do you really like the song? An artist dedicated their feelings and time to making a song and put who they are into the music they make. If something is censored, not by their choice, then it isnt them and its not what they originally intended for the song. As with most artists today, there is a feeling of great restriction when it comes to their music. The freedom of speech is heavily prohibited and as is their freedom of expression. (Peterson 591) There are many pros to censorship, but there are significant cons to consider too. The cons ethically should outweigh the pros of censorship. Think about the artists who are producing the music and what censorship will do to them. They are getting their rights suppressed, and are being prohibited from expressing how they feel. If we continue to let enshrines in music be okay, its only going to progress and get worse.